Thursday, 15 May 2008

Guess Who!

It may appear all quiet on the blog front at the moment but rest assured we are still working together, beavering away industriously in the background. We have started an exciting new project with our Year 4 students. A virtual Guess Who! None of our children (about 120 in all) know who each other is, but we have begun an enquiry to see if we can Guess Who? We have exchanged photos without names and these have formed displays which arouse much discussion. Who is who? The children are partnered by name and are now trying to find out who their partner really is. What do they look like? What colour eyes do they have? How long is their hair and what colour? This enquiry is undertaken through different methods. Firstly and quite simply by questionnaire and email. The children are exchaning their questions which they hope will help them identify their partner. The second method is by a Voicethread. This involved yet another lesson delivered by David via Skype to ensure that we were all able to use voicethread to record our questions. You can see the development of this below.

We hope that from these partnerships the children will use Inkscape to create joint pictures which include images of their partners and elements which represent part of each child's cultural heritage.

During this project our collaboration will take an exciting step forward when David Kinane is due to visit the children at Woodford at the end of June. We will certainly be sharing that here!