Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Teaching across the world - again!

The second of our 'teaching across the world' sessions took place today. Despite skype dropping out a couple of times the children were able to follow David's lesson and today they highlighted the shares they wanted to buy and then linked them to their stock portfolio tables, ensuring that the company name, current price and hence the buying price were recorded. There was certainly more interaction between David and the children via the chat facility in dimdim so David could respond to specific questions.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Dimdim Success

Today saw the first sessions for our Stock Exchange competition. The sessions were led by David Kinane offering his expertise on web queries in Excel. The children could hear and see David via our free Skype video call and they could see his desktop using the shared desktop feature of Dimdim once we had all joined his meeting.

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David explained the challenge for the students over the coming weeks, made more difficult in the current stock market climate!! We are looking to see which school (exchange) has the best trader, making the greatest percentage gain on their initial investments (virtual not real).

The session included using Google Finance to look at stock performances over a period of time. The children soon noticed the downward trend in stocks recently!

The web link for linking to Excel was from importing the data from the FTSE 100.

Our sessions will continue next week after the children have researched stocks as possible investments.

You can read David's perspective on his blog, Turning the Supertanker