Friday, 23 November 2007

My Journey through your Eyes.

Since September the children at Woodford and Meadowbank have been working on a joint project. The aim was to explore the journeys they made and learn more about each others world as well as the collaborative aspect of the task. The project started with the children recording audio logs of a journey they had made and these were then emailed to our partners in Plymouth or Auckland, where the children listened to them and made notes about the journey. The next stage was to use these notes and search for images which could be used to illustrate each journey. The audio files and images were collated and edited in Movie Maker to create a short film, " My Journey through your Eyes". Examples of the finished films are here for all to see. Enjoy!

The students at Meadowbank have been working on the audio files that the students at Woodford have sent to us. Here are our interpretations, so far. We have had some trouble with some things, we had to research what a pastie is and what or where Bodmin is! We all assume that we all know the same things, I am sure that we have spoken about places and things that you at Woodford have not the faintest clue about. This is interesting and maybe we need to be more careful how we explain things in the future. We need to paint pictures with words, so that we can all understand each other. This project has been very exciting and has thrown up all kinds of issues based on assumptions!


Sophie said...

I thought those movies were great!!! I liked finding out about The Grand Canyon i would love to go and see it. I think alot of effort was put in to the movies and can't what to see more in the future.
Meadowbank School, Year 4

Mia said...

Making my movie was really fun!!! I found it interesting that I was making a movie for someone over the other side of the world! I really enjoyed finding the pictures for it.

Woodford Junior School,year4

ADMIN said...

i loved the movies especially the one with a dounut

EVAN said...