Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Christmas Greetings from Woodford

It is with great tidings of Christmas joy that we write this post! We enjoyed reading about Christmas in New Zealand and it inspired us to create some traditionally British images of Christmas to send to you. (We rose to Mr Kinane's challenge - no more clip art!) We have combined our pictures with photographs of our Christmas performance "Witnesses" and our own soundtrack! We do wish you all at Meadobank a fantastic Christmas, a prosperous New Year (2008!) and a great summer holiday!

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D A Kinane said...

What a fantastic video, well done Woodford. I can see also that you have learnt how to use Inkscape really well, I can see all manner of tools being used, I am really impressed with the quality of what you have produced. No more Clip Art! You now have the skills to make your own fantastic graphics. Well done and have a happy and safe Christmas, see you all again in the New Year.