Thursday, 16 October 2008

Wildlife from Meadowbank

This is excatly what this blog was initiated for. I have been watching with excitement some of the live feed that Mr Kinane and the children have been broadcasting from Meadowbank Primary School. How often do you get to watch the groundwork of swallows as they prepare a nest for the rearing of their chicks? Here we can observe this remarkable event happening on the other side of the world! What a great way for us to learn about the life of these birds from the comfort of our own classrooms, whether in New Zealand or in the UK. This is the perfect opportunity for children to share and view the wildlife of their own countries.

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Su said...

This really is quite wonderful, it still seems like 'magic' to me, but then I am still not that confident with computers...(getting better all the time though!). My thanks to Mrs Hardie for all of her hard work creating and maintaining our links with the 'other side of the world'.