Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Teaching across the world - again!

The second of our 'teaching across the world' sessions took place today. Despite skype dropping out a couple of times the children were able to follow David's lesson and today they highlighted the shares they wanted to buy and then linked them to their stock portfolio tables, ensuring that the company name, current price and hence the buying price were recorded. There was certainly more interaction between David and the children via the chat facility in dimdim so David could respond to specific questions.

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D A Kinane said...

Skype was a pain, but with the dimdim application showing what was on my desktop, the students could still see what to do even if they could not see or hear me! To be fair to Skype I think the issue was really Mrs Hardie's computer hibernating after fifteen minutes, a setting that can be changed.

Next week we will be building formulae to help keep track of profits and losses from the investments that the students have decided to track. I wonder if they will be more successful than the real life fund managers they are emulating?

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