Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Comparing Climate Data

Year 4 have been comparing the temperature and rainfall data for Auckland and Plymouth. We have used excel to produce graphs and you can see here how clearly they contrast our opposite weather and seasons!

By looking at the rainfall graph you can see that at different times of the year the rainfall is completely different in the countries. - Sian

You immediately know that Auckland is on the other side of the world. As well when it is our winter it is their summer. - Francesca

The temperature graph shows that Auckland's summer is in our winter because the temperature lines go higher at completely different times. -Ciaran

We have lots of rain when they don't have much, because we are in opposite seasons. - Ben

In Auckland their winter is our summer. When we have our winter it is their summer.-Jack


D A Kinane said...

Fantastic data! Who gets the most rain though? When would be the best time to visit us here in Auckland and when would be the best time to come and visit you all in Plymouth (on average)? Who gets the most sunshine? Who has the longest day? Are we on the same latitude(relatively)? Excellent stuff lots to answer and find out. Well done.

D A Kinane said...

Who gets the most sunshine? Who has had the highest ever recorded temperature? What about the negative effects of exposure to the sun. Does Cornwall/Devon have the same incidence of Melanoma (Skin Cancer) as New Zealand/Australia? If not what are the factors that make the difference? Does the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica have the same effect all over the globe? Is there a hole in the ozone layer over the arctic?