Thursday, 19 July 2007

Comparing Ethnic Data for Year 4

The children in Year 4 at Woodford have been comparing the ethnic groups of the two schools. They have collated the data in an excel table and then produced different types of graphs. They have written about what the graphs tell us. These are some of their graphs and conclusions.

· We found out that in both schools there are more girls than boys. In Meadowbank it is an almost even split but a Woodford there is almost 2 girls for every boy.

· Auckland has more people that were born in different places, than the people in Woodford school. In Plymouth , in the Woodford school, they only 3 Ethnic groups, and in Auckland at Meadowbank, they have 11 Ethnic groups! We have 63 British people, 2 Chinese people, and 1 other mixed background . Auckland have 0 British people, 9 Chinese people, 3 Indians, 1 Japanese, 7 Maoris 1 Middle Eastern, 63 NZ Europeans, 5 other Asians, 3 other Ethnicities, 10 other Europeans, 2 Samoans, 1 SE Asian other, and 0 Any other mixed back round.

· At Meadowbank school in year 4 there are lots more people in different ethnic groups than in our year four according to the graphs. In year 4 at Meadowbank there are 13 different ethnic groups and in Woodford year 4 there are only 3.

· The ethnic chart show us that Meadowbank school have eleven ethnic groups and we at Woodford only have three. The graph also shows us that all European schools have different people from different nations. The gender chart shows that there are less children in year 4 at Woodford than at Meadowbank.


Brylie said...

Hi your work is really good
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I think it was good work

Anonymous said...

I think it was good work