Thursday, 30 August 2007

A day in the life of room 1

Welcome back to school Woodford and hello all of you new year 4 students in Mrs Hardie's class. You will be getting to know us all a lot better over the coming weeks and months. I hope that you all had a great summer? We are hoping to use your summer holiday as a collaborative project over the next few weeks, but Mrs Hardie will tell you more about that.

Here at Meadowbank, we have been working hard on a project to show you what a day in our class is like. We shot the following film over a week and a half, but we chose all the things that make being a student at Meadowbank special. We tried to think of the kinds of things that make our school day, or the way that we are in school different from the way that we think you might be in school at Woodford. We all do Literacy and Maths and those kinds of lessons, so we tried to show you some of the other lessons that we do.

Look at our video and see what you can see that makes our school day different from yours. Let us know by posting comments. If there some parts of our school day that you want more information on, please use the comments for that too.

We made the movie using Timer Shot and a web cam, so the quality is not good, but you get the idea. We hope that you like it!

There are still a few items that we are planning to video, so this version will be updated. So keep an eye out for our updates.


Helen Hardie said...

Brilliant! What an amazing piece of work! I'm sure that when the year 4 children see it next week, they will have lots of questions for you. I have lots.....but will let the children ask their own! Well done Room 1 and Mr Kinane!

Room 18 kids said...

I licked the art. Next time you could make it go slower.
From Shannon
Meadowbank Room 18

Room 18 kids said...

I liked our art very much. Next time you shood make the head of the skytower smorler.
From Logan, Room 18 Meadowbank School

Room 18 kids said...

I liked it when you went to see the worms. Next time go slow a. From Lachlan , Room 18, Meadowbank School

Room 18 kids said...

Well done Room 1 - that is a great movie and I hope you can help Room 18 making one too now! I liked seeing the school assembly in fast motion.
Miss Thomas

Class 3 Woodford Junior School said...

Brilliant movie Room 1. We loved the idea of the speeded up motion. We thought it was really good and showed us what your school day is like. There were similarities to our school day but also lots of differences. We hope to make a similar film for you in the near furture! from the children of class 3, Woodford Junior Schhol

Blue Table, Class 3 WJS said...

Do you lern litrey?
Do you make clay moddls?
What is jumping jam?
What time does assembly finish?
What time do the children go home?

Orange Table, Class 3 WJS said...

What coler is your yonerform?
What lesons do you have?
What do you have in the playgrand?
How meny cildon do you have in your class?
How meny techers do you have in your class?

Matthew Jennings said...

Why did they pick worms out of the ground and bin?
Why did you have such a long assembly?
How many people are there in the class?

sclifford said...

Jump Jam is a type of dancing and exersice.It is like arobatics.Our year 3 and 4's do it for fitness.There is all types of rotianes and music.