Thursday, 20 March 2008

Inkscape Developments.

This morning we had a lesson in our ICT Suite from Mr Kinane in New Zealand. This is the third time we have been taught by him. It was 9am here on the 19th March and 10pm on the same day in New Zealand. We could see and hear and speak to Mr Kinane via a webcam and Skype. He was teaching us how to use Inkscape to design a poster. We could see what Mr Kinane was showing us and talking about on a skrbl page. He taught us how to write text and make a shadow. It was interesting to look at the shadow in different places. It was fun. We experimented with polygons and stars which really was fun and exctiting. Some people asked Mr Kinane how to make a star. He is really clever because he just knew the answer and what to do! At the end of the lesson we learnt how to put text on a line (or path). Sometimes the path was too short so the words overlapped and you couldn't see it clearly but you just had to stretch the line out to make it fit. It's amazing how we can learn from another teacher round the other side of the world just using a webcam! We really enjoy these lessons - we are addicted!!

Chloe Fear, Jack Hayes, Rebecca Skelton and John Upcott of Class 3, WJS


Helen Hardie said...

I think the children have said it all! Amazing but not beyond the realms of our norms!

D A Kinane said...

I am really pleased that you are keen to continue with these lessons, there is so much to show you all. I am really looking forward to seeing your completed work. I am also looking forward to seeing you all in June, when I will be able to teach you all in person!