Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Alphabet Project

Our art G+T students have spent term 2 working with Mrs Jackson and with a little help from Mr Kinane, on a digital camera project. The idea originated from several books that we have in school, in addition, the students were shown the following flickr tool to help them really get into the idea. The students had to scour our school environment for environmental print. They had to find examples of letters or shapes in the environment that looked like a letter and then photograph them. Once the best ones were selected the students then had to edit them in a programme called The Gimp, which is a free download from the Internet. We hope that you like the slide show. It is our intention to now have these images printed up into a poster, we are looking into the costs first though.
We now intend to search the school grounds for different colours and hues to make an envrionmental colour wheel. We will be using the following flickr tool as an inspiration.

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1 comment:

marnie said...

Hello There Mrs Jackson and Art Students,
I have to say…. I am so impressed with your work!! This is a great way to share it and I am sure all your parents will be able to view it on the internet now and maybe even leave you a comment about it on this blog.
I can see you took some pictures in my room when you visited….
I think you should start a school competition to see who can find some of those letters from your slide show… I am intrigued about where some of them are from!! I will have to keep my eyes open and look out for them!
I will look forward to seeing the work you do next term,

Miss Thomas