Saturday, 23 June 2007

New Zealand 30 years ago.

Head Teacher, Philip Smith, has been reminiscing about his time in New Zealand. A search through his loft soon found the following slides. Enjoy!

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D A Kinane said...

What a fantastic set of images! From which school are the images of the students from? If they are from Wakaaranga we might be able to identify some of them, as I know some of the teachers who currently work at Wakaaranga today. As for the walk shorts, they are a blast from the past, did you wear the infamous stubbies too? The crater lake at Ruapehu drained earlier this year when the earthen dam burst causing a massive lahar to cascasde down the mountain, did you hear about that in England?

D A Kinane said...

It would be fascinating if we could create a slide show of images of various parts of England from the mid 70's and then compare and contrast those images with today. If we could do the same with the images on this slider with images of New Zealand, we could all then see change over time and the similarities. Fascinating stuff!