Thursday, 21 June 2007

War Poem from Woodford

Year 4 have been exploring forms of poetry this term. We studied Japanese Art and poetry forms of Haiku, Tanka and Cinquain, all of which have particular syllable patterns. World War Two was the focus for writing list poems. We combined our favourite images from Japan with music and our own poems using Windows Move Maker. We experimented with timings, video and music effects to create what we thought was an interesting “movie poem”. The following Movie was created by Matthew Philpotts and is an effective record of World War Two! More examples to come!


Mrs Jackson said...

Hello Matthew,

What a great piece of work! My Year 4 class were really interested to learn about The Second World War from a British perspective. We learn about WW2 over here, but about what happened to The Australian and New Zealand soldiers. In the UK the soldiers who fought in the 2 World Wars are remembered on Remeberance Day on November 11th, but here we remember the Soldiers on ANZAC Day. I wonder if you can find out what that stands for, and when it is?
Keep up the great work Matthew! I might have to get my class to try writing some movie poems, it looks cool!

Mrs Jackson (Who used to live in England, but moved to Auckland!)

Grace said...

My name is Grace.

Your poem was sad but very interesting.It told me alot about world war two also it was exellent.I have a puppyand a cat.

logan and zhane said...

Hi matthew

We loved the photos ,where did you get them from?
Zhan used to study world war 2 but then he left that school
and moved to auckland

matthew said...

I really liked matthew’s video it was intristing

from matthew

stella said...

Hi Matthew
I really liked your movie poem it was very creative the sound was exciting. I am really intrested in world war 2 In or countrey we learn about ANZAC if you know what it is its on november the 11th. The pictures were really cool.

p.s thanks it was really great.

Logan and Zhane said...

Hi matthew
we loved the photos,where did you get them from?
zhan used to study worldwar 2 but then he left that school and moved to auckland

Felix and Joshua said...

I liked your poem becuse world war two is interesting.

Nina and Isabella said...

Hello Matthew

Your work was soooooooooooo cool! It was really interesting and wonderful.I liked your movie because I didnt
know about world war 2 and sleeping bin the underground station.

Nina and Isabella!

Kate said...

To MathewI really liked your poem.I really liked the pictures they were cool.I really want to know where you got them.

Georgia and Mega said...

Hello Matthew,

your poem was really interesting! we really enjoyed it. in nz we have a specail day called anzac day, when we go and see the soldiers that are still alive it is really interesting!

from Georgia & Megan

sam said...

hi mathew i relly enjoyed your faboules video
from sam

evan and dan said...

I liked your pictues and where did you get them from? dan.
I thought your movie was very creative next time make it a bit faster.Evan

room 2 said...

Alice - I really enjoyed the music

Tom D - It was awesome because I liked all the pictures

George - I liked it becuase it had great pictures

Aden - I really liked the way the music reflected the pictures, good choices.

Dane - I really liked the pictures becuase they were black and white

Marnie Thomas said...

Hi Matthew,
Your movie is awesome! I particularly like the music you have used - it links really well to the poem.
Miss Thomas (Meadowbank School)

Rose said...

Good words.