Thursday, 21 June 2007


The purpose of this blog is to provide a space where ideas can flourish, where two schools Woodford Junior, Plympton, England and Meadowbank Primary, Auckland, New Zealand can share ideas, resources and cultures. Who knows, over time maybe we will be joined by other schools from other countries.
Tohatoha is a Maori word that means to spread abroad, distribute, disperse, spread. This is exactly what we want our students to do, to distribute learning abroad, to disperse their cultural knowledge and share in the knowledge of their peers from the other side of the world.


Phillip Smith said...

As the Headteacher Of Woodford Junior School, I am really thrilled with the links we are building up with Meadowbank in Auckland. Thanks to Helen Hardie at Woodford and all the staff and children at Meadowbank for their enthusiasm. I was talking to some of our pupils yesterday lunchtime and they were gulping down their lunch as fast as possible so that they could work on the project.
I have a particular interest in an Auckland link as my wife and I lived in Auckland for 2 years from 1975 to 1977. I taught in 2 schools - Panama Road Primary and Waka-aranga Primary. I’ve got a couple of questions I would like to ask the children at Meadowbank:
Do you wear shoes to school? This may seem a silly question but when I taught in New Zealand I was amazed that none of the children at the 2 schools where I taught ever wore shoes, even on the occasional frosty mornings we used to get in August.
Do you still have “School Journals” in New Zealand schools? These used to come from somewhere called “Private Bag” which always amused me. I still use some of the fantastic stories from them even 30 years later.
As a mark of how excited I am about the project, I was up in my loft at home last night digging out all my old photos from New Zealand. I’m determined to bore Mrs Hardie’s class with some of them in the near future!
I look forward to continuing exciting links between our 2 schools.

Will said...

Hi Mr. Smith,
My name is Will, and I am a Year 6 student involved in the MPS1050 podcasting here at Meadowbank. We have been checking our blogs nearly every morning and we are really enjoying getting in touch with Woodford. Well, we all wear shoes to school, especially now as the weather has been very cold, but during Morning Tea and Lunch we can wear bare feet if we want. Also, we still have ‘School Journals’ here at Meadowbank, although the senior classes don’t
use them as much as the juniors. All of us here at Meadowbank hope to keep communicating with Woodford and we are looking forward to your upcoming podcasts!

David Bulley said...

I am a governor at Woodford Junior School and I am involved in Curriculum, Literacy and Global Citizenship. Today I was introduced to Tohatoha and I was amazed at the speed at which the links between Woodford and Meadowbank have developed in such a short space of time.
I was fortunate enough to visit Perth in Western Australia in 1997 but have not yet had an opportunity to visit NZ. I will be keeping a keen eye on this site to monitor the progress as will be keen to report the positive nature of this development to the school governing body.
Good luck for the Rugby World Cup!

Helen Hardie said...

David, thank you for you comments! I hope that you contuinue to be amazed!