Thursday, 21 June 2007

Robotics at Meadowbank

We have a robotics G+T group at Meadowbank, it has only just started this term and the equipment is new to us. The students have to complete the challenge at the following wiki .

Do you have any RCX or NXT Lego sets at Woodford? We hope that you do, because one of the things that we are hoping to do with you is to create a joint robot that we can program collaboratively! (Maybe if you wish to take part in the Robozone challenge you could use this wiki as a starting point? Or maybe you could set up a challenge for us to complete?) The majority of our robo engineers are from year 4 and as you can see from the images below, there are quite a few girls in the group. This is because the focus of this project is not about building with Lego bricks but about problem solving especially being stuck. The students are celebrating every time that they get stuck, because when they are stuck they then have a problem to solve! To solve a problem they first have to identify the problem and break it down into smaller easier to solve problems. As the students solve each little piece of the puzzle they end up solving the bigger problem and then move on to find the next bigger challenge!

We will keep posting images and keep you posted of our progress as we move through term 3.

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